Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications of your arbitrators/mediators?2017-09-07T16:48:05+00:00

All of Southwest Arbitrations & Mediations practitioners have been trained and certified in Arbitration and Mediation and Advanced Mediation by a Texas State Bar Association-approved entity.

How do I pay?2017-09-07T16:46:57+00:00

Using the Payment menu above, you may pay by credit card.  We must receive full payment a minimum of 7 days prior to your scheduled appointment.  If, your payment is not received, your reserved time will be released on the calendar.  Should your problem be resolved prior to your appointment or if is cancelled,  your payment will refunded, minus a $100.00 scheduling fee.

When will it be scheduled?2017-09-07T16:47:38+00:00

We offer 1/2 day (4 hour) and full-day (8 hour) sessions, whichever you prefer.  Also, using our Calendar Menu above, you may schedule a convenient day and time for your appointment.

What are the rules?2017-09-07T16:47:15+00:00

We ask that you come to the session with an open mind and a willingness to be truthful and respectful.  You will be expected to behave in a polite and business-like manner.

We recognize that this may be a stressful situation, and you will be treated with kindness and respect.  We ask that you do the same.

With your cooperation, it will be a comfortable and pleasant process and when it is completed your problem will be resolved.

Where will it take place?2017-09-07T16:47:06+00:00

Your appointment will be held at a private, comfortable location.  Depending on the time and day of your session, we can help find a pleasant, workable option for the meeting.

What are “arbitration” and “mediation”?2018-01-19T17:20:28+00:00

Mediation is a peaceful method of dispute resolution in which both parties have input into the solution.  Unlike going to court, it is confidential.  If you would prefer, we also offer co-mediations.  Co-mediations can be heard by male-female teams.

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Also confidential is Arbitration, which dictates that both parties tell their sides of the problem to a trained “judge” or a panel of judges who render a binding decision.

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Both Arbitration and Mediation are less expensive than going to court, without paying court expenses and attorney fees.  They are also quicker than going through the court system, which can take between 2 and 5 years.

Both processes can be used for many common problems:  divorce, child custody, individual disputes, contracts, employer/employment, property issues, and many others.

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